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Business Advertising

Are you a small or medium-sized business looking to increase your sales and enquiries? Talk to the business advertising experts on 01245 206456

There is undoubtedly a plethora of ways to advertise your business, but advertising through search & social media should be your priority, allowing you to target people who are searching for your product or service at the very moment they're interested.

Imagine being able to advertise to people of a certain demographic, who live in a particular city or town with an interest in what you have to offer! Our digital marketing strategies allow you to precisely target those exact prospects.

Having worked with almost every profession, our team of expert digital marketers will generate quality leads through paid channels: Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, META Ads & SEO.

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Business Advertising Experts

Why work with Heavyweight Digital?

Heavyweight Digital partners with small and medium-sized businesses who want to improve their ROI from their digital marketing campaigns, and outsource the management & optimisation of their digital business advertising, enabling them to get on with what they do best. Our team of digital marketing professionals has experience in various industries and are capable of tuning into any business to run effective advertising campaigns.

Our campaigns are built specifically to entice customers to call into your business.  Furthermore, we have worked with various companies, optimising their campaigns for calls and form leads. If you’re looking for a company to help manage your Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, META Ads or SEO campaign then look no further, we have years of experience in producing the highest ROI for businesses just like yours.

One of the most important and often overlooked aspects of running a successful business advertising campaign is having a high-quality, well-designed website and/or landing page. We will ensure you have the optimal layout, information, and elements such as phone numbers and quote forms in the correct place both on desktop and mobile.

It’s outrageous how often we inherit digital marketing campaigns previously managed by the ‘big’ agencies where conversion tracking has not been configured correctly, or sometimes not at all.  By having conversion tracking, we can track a number of conversion actions such as; when a visitor calls, when a visitor submits your contact form, when a customer interacts with your live chat, installs your app, and so on. The more data points we can track, the better we can optimise your campaigns – we do all of this through the advanced use of Google Analytics.

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Business Advertising

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We are a team of digital marketing experts who have worked with a multitude of companies throughout the UK, utilising paid search channels such as Google Ads, Microsoft Ads & META Ads – ensuring we generate high-quality leads at an affordable price through processes cultivated over many years of digital marketing expertise.  If you already have a campaign running, whether that be paid search, social, or search engine optimisation, we’ll provide you with a free, detailed review. Get in touch to discuss your business and learn how we can fulfill your business advertising requirements.

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