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Why Advertise on Facebook?

Facebook & Instagram are the two top social media platforms with over billion users spending over 2 hours per day!

Utilising Facebook to advertise your products or services is ideal for reaching your target audience. If you want to increase sales or enquiries, book a free consultation today with a META Certified agency.

Whilst there is an argument that Google holds more data than any other of the big tech companies, META certainly stores more information than most, which is why advertising on Facebook is such a great advertising tool, allowing targeting like no other ads platform.

When designing a META Ads campaign, our META Ads managers initially hold a discovery call to learn about your business and objectives. Armed with detailed information about what you're trying to achieve and who your target market is, we can then carefully build a refined audience based on interests, demographic and identify prospects based on their behaviour, interests, activities, and even shopping habits.

Sounds great, right? The only problem is, unless you're a Facebook Advertising expert, it's really easy to waste your money. This is where partnering with a Facebook Ads agency can really add value, through professional Facebook Ads management and continuous optimisation, we maximise your advertising budget to get the most out of the META ads platform for you.

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META Certified Experts

Have you got an existing Facebook Ads account, we’ll provide an in-depth report on your current Facebook ads strategy and identity where we can help you get the most out of Facebook & Instagram.

Fair Pricing

Using a fixed fee model, we can provide fair monthly pricing. Monthly fees are determined by existing account performance or through understanding your objectives.

SEO Packages & Agreements

Flexible Agreements

We offer various options to work with us, starting with month-to-month. Our aim is to surpass your expectations to ensure we stay partnered for a long-term relationship.

SEO Reporting

Facebook Ads Review

Every Facebook Ads Account Manager is Facebook certified. We have gone through all the necessary training to ensure your campaigns are a success. The training doesn’t stop there, we are constantly evolving alongside Facebook.

2x META Certified Campaign Managers

Every Facebook account we work on is assigned 2x expert Facebook managers. It’s our aim to be accessible at all times during the business week, effectively providing your own outsourced digital marketing department.

Detailed Reporting

Reporting is vital to measure the success of Facebook campaigns. We are able to provide regular reporting on the performance of your Facebook campaigns. This keeps our clients up to date with account progress.

META Ads Agency - What To Expect

Discovery Stage

Understanding your objectives is our immediate priority. For your campaign to be successful, we need to gain a better understanding of your target audience, demographic, interests, behaviours and your campaign goals. If you're not sure about how to provide this information, don't worry, our Facebook Ads managers are trained to gather this information and will conduct the call in such a way that through discussion, we will learn enough to build your campaign.

Facebook Ads Strategy

Straight after the discovery stage, we will now have enough information about your business, prospects and objectives to be able to create a strategy that is unique to your business. We'll keep you informed and seek your approval for the audience that we create. It's at this stage that we'll get a real understanding of the reach of your campaign.

Facebook Ad Creation

Your Facebook Ads agency manager will create your ad using your images, stock images or through a mix of both. We will setup an easy way to share images and from learnings from previous stages, we'll create multiple ads using varying headlines, descriptions, ad copy, call to action buttons and images. It's vital at this stage that we create multiple ads to be able to test the best performing ads going forward. It's also at this stage that we'll create and install your Facebook Pixel which will help us configure conversion tracking to be able to measure performance & optimise your Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads Optimisation

Once your campaign has begun, data will start populating the pixel, essentially we'll be able to use this data to monitor user behaviour and determine whether people are interacting with your ads in the way we want. We'll make adjustments according to this data to optimise your Facebook Ads to ensure you're getting the best from your budget. Our ultimate aim will be to ensure your Facebook Ads are running as efficiently as possible, the majority of time this means increasing conversion volume whilst reducing the cost per conversion.

Want to get more from your Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads Strategy Review

Our Free Facebook Ads Strategy Review gives you a comprehensive overview on how your ads are performing. Our in-depth analysis will identify any areas of improvement. From the Cost Per Purchase to the Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), we’ll figure it out and give you a non-biased honest review.

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