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Google Local Services Ads

  • Fully managed setup process & ongoing optimisation
  • Book local jobs and grow your business
  • Only pay if a customer contacts you through the ad
  • Unique Google Guaranteed badge management
  • Only pay for results
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What are Google Local Services Ads?

If you’re using Google Ads and operate in the service industry, the chances are you will understand the significance of ‘near me’. Search terms including ‘near me’ are often used by those who are more likely to convert, however these terms are also often more competitive and come with a higher cost-per-click. Google Local Services Ads are fundamentally different from the Pay Per Click model and will work on a Pay Per Lead basis. This is fantastic news for eligible advertisers!

Are Google Local Services Ads available in the UK?

Google Local Services Ads have been around in the US and Canada since 2015, but only recently have they been extended to the UK. Local services ads serve through normal SERP’s and are designed to help you reach potential customers who are searching for services you offer, in the area you cover.

Google's screening process

Sadly, not every business within a local services ads industry will pass the complex Google screening process. The initial setup involves a series of background, license and insurance checks. In addition to the evaluation of any reviews & ratings, so that your business can be Google Guaranteed. The local services ads screening process can be confusing and convoluted, it can easily become a time consuming challenge for you to tackle – we can help your through the process and keep your profile optimised and ensure you get the best from Google Local Services Ads.

How can I get my business listed?

Contact us today to see if your business qualifies for Google Local Services Ads. Our service provides a dedicated support team and takes away the headache of going through the initial screening process and ongoing efforts required to get the most from your local search ad.

Is my business eligible?

Currently, Google Local Services Ads supports the following sectors. This is due to expand in the UK so watch this space!

What is Google Guaranteed?

When you have been awarded a Google Guarantee badge, your customers that came to you via Google Local Services Ads are protected up to the value of £1500 in the UK - should they not be satisfied with your work. This creates an unprecedented level of trust that the customer will receive a good service from the provider, whilst giving them a fall back guarantee that Google will reimburse the customer. The Google Guarantee badge is great for all business advertisers because it ensures the client that they'll get a good job.

The initial process of screening the advertisers' business and going through a qualification process means that only legitimate businesses will be able to advertise. Furthermore, by the very way that Google charge on a pay per lead basis, it will undoubtedly be as successful here in the UK as it has been in the United States. For more information about Google Local Services Ads - Heavyweight Digital can not only help overcome the challenge of becoming Google Guaranteed, but can optimise your listing to ensure you get the optimal amount of leads.

How much does Google Local Services Ads cost?

The big advantage for eligible businesses is that you only pay when you get a valid lead. This is in great contrast to Google Ads management which works on the traditional Pay Per Click model. Lead cost can vary by vertical but usually between £10 and £30 per lead. If a lead is of poor quality, a poor match, spam or fraudulent then you can flag this and if Google agree, they'll credit your money back to your account. There is an additional charge to consider if using an agency such as Heavyweight Digital - we charge a small monthly fee to cover the initial setup which can sometimes be quite complex, ongoing Google Guarantee management and optimisation for your ads to ensure they attract the right match of clients for your business.

Can a business use Google Ads & Google Local Services Ads at the same time?

Yes, and furthermore you’re Google Ads and your Google Local Service Ads can show at the same time, as long as the search is relevant. However, you cannot control Local Service Ads with the same degree of precision as Google Ads as you're not able to select keywords. Essentially you choose a job type, the service area (you can select multiple areas) and Google chooses the most relevant keywords to trigger your ads. It's worth noting that you cannot apply negative keywords like you might be familiar with in Google Ads. We recommend running Google Local Service Ads alongside a Google Ads campaign - click here if you need Google Ads Help and one of our team will get in touch!

Google Ads or Google Local Services Ads

Local Service Ads are not a direct substitute for Google Ads so it's advisable to try both advertising methods concurrently. At this time there are limited categories and signing up to Google Local Services Ads is not the most straightforward process. There are some barriers to entry and some complexities in terms of Google screening and qualification. Fortunately we're here to help and have a series of clients already benefiting from Local Service Ads. If you're thinking about the switch from Google Ads to Local Service Ads, then consider that Google Ads does offer greater control of actually choosing keywords, negative keywords, audience types etc whereas Local Service Ads is great for eligible businesses as these ads will often appear for 'near me' searches and when someone is looking for a certain trade or service at the time when they need it most! There are key differences between Google's two advertising platforms and it's recommended to consider both depending on how many leads you wish to generate and your marketing goals.

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Google Local Services Ads

Increased Exposure at The Top of Google

Google Local Service Ads have been around for some time in the USA.  This new ad type is rolling out in the UK now and whilst it’s only a limited amount of verticals available, we’re expecting to see this grow over time.  If you want to get the advantage over your competitors then get in touch today and we’ll take care of all the complicated stuff and we’ll even optimise your listings to ensure you get the most leads possible!

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