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Microsoft Ads Management

  • Get a Winning Microsoft Ads Strategy
  • Daily Optimisation, Testing & Measurement
  • Fixed Monthly Fees & Flexible Agreements
  • Higher Conversion Rate Than Google Ads
  • Lower Cost Per Conversion Than Google Ads!
  • Best-in-Class Technologies Included
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Microsoft Advertising Partner

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Microsoft Ads Overview

Partner with a Microsoft Ads Partner who will take time to understand you business and your objectives. We will develop a strategy, build your campaigns and optimise until we exceed your expectations.

Did you know! Advertisers using Microsoft Advertising (Formerly BING Ads) generally see a higher conversion rate and a lower cost per conversion.

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Microsoft Ads Management Agency

Microsoft Advertising - formerly BING Ads is an effective advertising platform to increase your reach and conversions. Microsoft advertising encompasses three search engines: Bing, Yahoo, AOL as well as other partner sites. Most advertisers looking to reach the largest audience possible will tend to opt for Google Ads when promoting their business - however, Microsoft Ads is an effective way to drive untapped visitors and audiences, thus increase your conversions.

With 117 million desktop searchers on the Microsoft search network, Microsoft boasts 7.2 billion monthly desktop searches, meaning you could be missing out on potential clients and leads by not utilising a Microsoft advertising campaign. Moreover, Microsoft has a 20.2% share of the UK desktop search market, meaning you can expand your audience to individuals that aren't using Google.

When utilising BING Ads pay per click campaigns, your keyword bids have a distinct impact on the success of your paid ads, therefore meaning that smaller businesses may be missing out on potential clients due to their limited budget. However, Microsoft advertising typically has a lower cost per click compared to Google Ads, meaning you can reach your target audience at a lower cost. This is usually around 33%-60% less than Google Ads and isn't an opportunity to be missed if you're looking for more conversions at a lower cost!

As Microsoft has a smaller user base, it means that you are faced with less competition when promoting your business to your target audience, which gives you a huge advantage to help reach your business goals and achieve a higher return on investment. Businesses that are situated in a competitive industry such as Law, Real Estate and Financial Services can expect around 36% less competition compared to other platforms such as Google Ads.

Moreover, Microsoft Ads have a higher average click-through rate compared to Google Ads, at around 2.83% across all industries which is roughly 50% higher than Google ads. This shows that users are actively engaging with business' ads, leading to higher conversion rates than Google Ads. Microsoft advertising also has notably higher click-through rates for businesses within the career and employment industry as well as those offering business-to-business services.

Does Microsoft Advertising Work?

There are few businesses that we have worked with that haven't been able to utilise BING Ads / Microsoft Ads in an economic way compared to Google Ads campaigns. In a nutshell, YES! Microsoft Ads work and a well structured, optimised campaign often beats Google Ads for conversion rate and cost per conversion.

What campaigns can I run on Microsoft Ads?

As part of of our Microsoft Ads management service, we will advise which campaign types will be most successful for your business. There are similarities with Google Ads campaign types, such as search ads where we can utilise search terms to trigger relevant text ads for related services, shopping ads to promote products and remarketing to re-engage with past visitors members of specific audiences. One of the most noticeable differences at the time of writing is that BING Ads does not have a display network, which whilst could be construed as a disadvantage, we do not consider this as quite often Google display campaigns can often perform poorly.

Why partner with us for your Microsoft Ads management?

Over the last 15 years, our experts have helped over 300 businesses improve their return on investment through our Google and Microsoft Ads management services. Our Microsoft Ads management services will enable you to reach your advertising goals within your preferred budget. Our experienced team of highly trained digital marketers will strive to get you the best results for your ad spend.

As a Microsoft Advertising partner, we have years of experience within our certified team, which enables us to carry out successful campaign management to reach your goals whilst keeping your advertising costs down. Our experts will carry out a comprehensive campaign build from ad copy to conversion tracking.

Our PPC experts will closely monitor your Microsoft advertising account to make appropriate optimisations that will significantly lower your overall campaign cost whilst increasing your conversion rates.

If you are currently managing BING Ads / Microsoft Ads, we will provide a free detailed analysis of your account to identify areas that can be improved in order to optimise your Microsoft Ads account. This will include reviewing your current targeting options and ad copy so you can get the most out of Microsoft Ads.

How much does it cost to have someone manage your Microsoft Ads?

The cost of managing your Microsoft Ads will be determined by campaign complexity and time requirements. We offer a range of flexible agreements for Microsoft Ads management to ensure that we can accommodate all budgets.

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targeted conversion tracking

Implement full conversion tracking as a foundation

A vital and often overlooked feature which is imperative to the success of any PPC campaign. We identify every goal and ensure it’s tracked as a foundation for future success.

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Campaign optimisation by experienced PPC managers

A team of 2 experienced PPC managers are assigned to every account to ensure campaigns are optimised wherever possible. This includes campaign building as well as daily routine optimisation.

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A PPC Managers Job is Never Done!

We strive for continual improvement and constantly look to improve the campaigns we’re working on. Utilizing cutting edge technology we use a multitude of tools to assist our PPC managers to look for opportunities to improve ROI.

Microsoft Ads Management

Free Microsoft Ads Audit

Our free Microsoft Ads review includes various checks to ensure your Microsoft Ads are performing optimally.  Our detailed audit will focus on areas of improvement, detect where wastage is occurring and provide information about the account structure, settings, conversion tracking, keyword usage, ad texts, bid adjustments and much much more!

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