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Google Ads For Taxi Company

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If you're running a taxi company and not getting the best out of Google Ads then you're in the right place! We've been working with taxi companies throughout the UK for many years, leveraging Google Ads to produce inbound calls and bookings. Our proven process for taxi firms has delivered for 100's of businesses and generated 1000's of phone calls.

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Our Strategy

Common Challenges For Taxi Firms Using Google Ads

A common issue for private hire taxi firms can often be local competitors clicking on your Google Ads.  In our experience we often find that a number of private hire taxi companies are victims of click fraud. This often unexplained behaviour is when a local taxi company competing against you intentionally clicks on your Google Ads to maliciously increase your costs. By inflating your costs, it is a distinct possibility you may pause off your ads or your daily budget may deplete. This means your competitors then take prime position on Google and get the calls that could have been yours.  If you’ve run Google Ads campaigns before for your private hire taxi business, it’s highly likely you’re concerned about this kind of competitor clicking behaviour.

This is why we developed an anti-click fraud Solution called Click Guardian. Click Guardian allows you to prevent click fraud and most importantly, prevent budget wastage.  Click fraud can also cause a high cost per lead due to the inflated costs.

With the average cost of private hire taxi insurance on average between £1500 and £3500 per year in the UK (Inshur UK) – coupled with high competition and new technology, it is extremely important that PHV companies get the lowest cost per lead to ensure the business is profitable.

Why work with Heavyweight Digital?

We’ve worked with PHV, taxi, chauffeur, airport transfer companies throughout the UK for over 15 years and have an unparalleled understanding of how to build, manage and optimise these types of campaigns to get the very lowest cost per call.  Our campaigns are built specifically to entice customers to call into your business and prebook a taxi journey.  Furthermore we have worked with various taxi companies, optimising their campaigns for calls, form leads and app installs.  If you’re looking for a company to help manage your taxi Google Ads campaign then look no further, we have years of experience in producing the highest ROI for taxi firms just like yours.

One of the most important and often overlooked aspects of running a successful Google Ads campaign is having a quality website and/or landing page. We will ensure you have the optimal layout, information and elements such as phone numbers and quote forms in the correct place both on desktop and mobile.

It’s outrageous how often we inherit taxi/airport car campaigns previously managed by other ‘big’ agencies where conversion tracking has not been configured correctly, or sometimes not at all.  By having conversion tracking, we are able to track a number of conversion actions such as; when a user calls you, when a user submits your contact form, when a customer interacts with your live chat, installs your taxi app and so on. The more data points we can track, the better we can optimise your taxi Google Ads campaigns!

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Microsoft Ads Management

Microsoft Ads (Formerly BING Ads)

Similar to Google Ads with an increasing user base, Microsoft Ads, formerly BING Ads is a useful additional channel for taxi companies looking to expand their reach to audiences other than Google. The BING search engine is the default search engine on all Microsoft laptops, tablets and desktops and often brings a more mature audience.

META Ads Management

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads for taxi companies is quite simply a no-brainer! We can target very specific audiences within defined geographical areas as well as people who like your competitor’s taxi Facebook pages. Remarketing to visitors of your web site is also a fantastic way to create a loyal customer base who will have a huge lifetime value to your taxi business.

Search Engine Optimisation

Local Taxi SEO

Google Map listings combined with carefully chosen taxi related keywords will allow us to rank your business amongst first page organic results in Google. Keywords with town names appended work particularly well for a taxi SEO campaign.

Want to get more from your digital marketing budget?

Private Hire Taxi Advertising Experts

We are a team of digital marketing experts who have worked with private hire taxi companies for many years, ensuring we generate high quality leads at an affordable price through the use of PPC and SEO.  If you already have a campaign running, whether that be Google Ads or search engine optimisation, we’ll provide you with a free, detailed review. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and learn how we can generate enquiries for your private hire taxi business!

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