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Google Ads for Mortgage Brokers

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Online Advertising For Mortgage Brokers

With rising inflation and mortgage rates on the rise, the search for mortgage deals and mortgage advice has never been higher.

Studies have shown that searches like “Remortgage” have recently increased by 106%, and another study also revealed that purchase mortgage searches were up 7.9%.

This is why you need a solid, successful digital marketing strategy.

With the opportunity to rank for these highly searched terms via PPC and SEO methods, it is crucial that businesses within the mortgage industry grasp this opportunity and strike while the iron is hot.

At Heavyweight Digital, Our PPC, SEO, and content strategies are designed with lead generation in mind to deliver a steady stream of new clients to your doorstep.

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Being able to reach as many potential clients as possible is ideal, and understanding what combination of digital marketing strategies you want to incorporate into your overall marketing plan that will meet both your goals and your budget is essential.

At Heavyweight, our advisors are on hand to help you choose one or several digital marketing strategies that will best suit your business, budget, and goals.

Google Ads Campaigns

Mortgage brokers who use Google Ads campaigns can be highly effective at booking more appointments. However, with Google Ads becoming increasingly complex and the competitive market for popular search terms, it's important to have an expert managing your Google Ads campaign, thus ensuring well-optimised campaigns with the end result being efficient use of your budget - AKA - a high return on investment and quality leads! Google Ads for mortgage brokers is great for improving brand awareness as well as generating a higher level of mortgage appointments.

Microsoft Ads

Due to the competitive industry of mortgage advice and brokerage, being able to target popular search terms at a lower cost per click is ideal. Similar to Google Ads with an increasing user base, Microsoft Ads is a useful additional advertising channel for mortgage brokers wishing to expand their reach beyond Google at a generally lower CPC. The BING search engine is the default search engine on all Microsoft laptops, tablets and desktops and often has a user base of a more mature, affluent audience.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads for mortgage brokers can produce good lead quality and should be planned into your digital marketing strategy. With the ability for specific audience targeting and defined geographical areas, the social media campaign efficiency is second to none. Remarketing ads to visitors of your website is also a great way to re-engage with visitors who didn't engage on the first visit, resulting in more leads.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is a powerful strategy that allows mortgage advisors and brokers to boost their online presence on search engines, without the need for an additional monthly budget to cover the cost per click that comes with PPC marketing. SEO is essential to attract leads, build trust with users and show consistent branding with an elevated online presence.

With the industry being so competitive, an effective SEO campaign can give mortgage brokers the edge they need to outperform competitors and other mortgage brokers. Incorporating both a targeted approach and long tail keywords, SEO allows you to cover everything needed to work with the search engine algorithms that are the determining factor in the rank-ability of websites.

How We Can Help With Mortgage Lead Generation

We've been working with businesses in the mortgage, estate agent, and financial advisor industry for over 15 years. With this kind of experience, you can be sure that we know what we're talking about.

Our account managers have an unparalleled understanding of how to build, manage and optimise mortgage broker campaigns to get the very most out of your budget.

Our campaigns are built specifically to entice potential customers to enquire about your services via landing pages or websites that are optimised to convert.

This is crucial because evidence shows that it is not beneficial to send all your Google Ads to a generic page that is not designed with the user experience or conversions in mind.

Why is Campaign Management Important?

Quality campaign management is the cornerstone of effective digital marketing for mortgage brokers.

Navigating the increasingly complex digital advertising platforms presents a dual challenge.

On one hand, there's the allure of automation, as seen in Google's Performance Max campaigns or in AI generation, promising to handle everything. However, the reality often shows that trust in AI and automated strategies hinges on existing data, something most advertisers, including mortgage brokers, lack at the campaign's outset.

This emphasises the need for marketing experts who can finely tune campaigns.

The challenge also extends to achieving not just a volume of leads but leads with a reasonable cost, which is vital to keep these advertising channels viable. This underscores the importance of skilled campaign management, regardless of the platform, to maintain control, optimise targeting, and ensure efficient advertising budget allocation.

As a business owner, if you try DIYing your advertising campaigns, you run the risk of spending without seeing results - resulting in a poor ROI. Investing in a quality digital marketing agency can provide previously unachievable benefits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • PPC campaigns, namely Google Ads and Microsoft Ads can be highly effective for mortgage brokers. They provide targeted, immediate results, allowing you to reach a specific audience and control your advertising spend.

  • Content marketing on websites involves creating informative, engaging content related to mortgages and homeownership. It positions you as an industry expert and attracts organic traffic on Google search results.

  • Ensure all marketing materials and practices comply with mortgage industry regulations and laws. Inform your marketing campaign manager of any specific regulations that will affect the campaign. Consult legal experts if needed to stay compliant.

  • Use analytics tools to track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as website traffic, how many visitors your site has, lead generation, conversion rates, and return on investment (ROI).

  • Marketing budgets vary, but it's crucial to allocate enough resources to execute your chosen strategies effectively. The budget should align with your specific goals and target audience. You can discuss budget suggestions with your advertising campaign manager.

  • Focus on creating informative, valuable content, target the right audience through PPC campaigns, optimise your website and landing pages for lead generation, and build a strong online reputation.

  • Results vary depending on the strategy. Some, like Google Ads, can yield quick results, while SEO and content marketing are long-term strategies that may take a few months to show significant results.

  • Don't underestimate the importance of keyword targeting and keyword match types. It is also important that in PPC campaigns you utilise the use of negative keywords for terms that are not relevant to the service you are advertising. Retargeting ads are also often overlooked but can be a great way to get an online enquiry from a user who previously visited your site.

Microsoft Ads Management

Microsoft Ads (Formerly BING Ads)

Similar to Google Ads with an increasing user base, Microsoft Ads, is a useful additional advertising channel for mortgage brokers wishing to expand their reach beyond Google. The BING search engine is the default search engine on all Microsoft laptops, tablets and desktops and often has a user base of more mature, affluent audience.

META Ads Management

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads for mortgage brokers can produce leads and should be planned into your digital marketing strategy. Specific audiences can be targeted within defined geographical areas. Remarketing to visitors of your web site is also a great way to re-engage with visitors who didn't engage on first visit.

Search Engine Optimisation

Local SEO for Mortgage Brokers

Google Business Profile contributes and should be the foundation of every mortgage broker local SEO. Keywords such as Mortgage Broker Town Name can work particularly well in driving targeted traffic to your web site with real intent to convert.

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Mortgage Broker PPC Experts

We are a team of digital marketing experts who have worked with mortgage brokers for many years, ensuring we generate high quality leads at an affordable price through the use of PPC and SEO.  If you already have a campaign running, whether that be Google Ads or SEO, we’ll provide you with a free, detailed review. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and learn how we can generate enquiries for your mortgage broker business!

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