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SEO For Tradesmen

  • Local SEO Strategy For All The Trades
  • Proven Process For Page 1 Ranking
  • Get More Enquiries Organically - Beat Your Competition
  • Fully Managed Map Listings Included
  • Fixed, Competitive Monthly Fees
  • Transparent & Detailed Progress Reports
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SEO Overview

Partner with SEO experts who understand what it takes to organically rank your tradesmen web site on page 1 of Google. Local SEO for tradesmen includes full management of your Google My Business listing, on-page analysis, off page citation link building, content and outreach to ensure we obtain only the highest quality backlinks.

Whatever trade you're in, we'll analyse and compare you against competitors who are already ranking for the keywords that you desire. We will develop a winning local SEO strategy that will result in first page organic ranking. Furthermore, we'll keep you updated throughout the process so you understand at what stage we're at and when you can expect rankings to improve!

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SEO Services

Free SEO Audit

Want to know how Google rank your website? We’ll provide a detailed SEO audit that will give you a better understanding of key metrics that contribute to current ranking.

Affordable Google Ads Management

Fair Pricing

Every SEO campaign is different, to make things transparent we’ll calculate how many hours per month you require, based on the complexity of your campaign and translate this to a fixed monthly fee.

Google Ads Strategy

Flexible Agreements

From the outset, we’ll provide you with realistic expectations of timescales to achieve your goals. Our SEO team will create an SEO strategy and set targets for when your keywords will rank.

Certified Google Ads Management

Your SEO Team

With a team of SEO experts, we will build a team around your campaign including a lead technical SEO manager, outreach & content marketing manager and a backlink builder – all based in-house!

Google Ads Reporting

Monthly SEO Reporting

A vital part of your SEO, we will monitor your campaign and report and changes on a monthly basis. As well as statistical reporting, we also set a monthly meeting to discuss what we’ve achieved, key results and a plan for the following month.

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Best-in-Class SEO Software

Over the years, we have developed our preferred SEO software packages which we consider the best in class for each aspect of your SEO campaign. We invest £1000’s each month on world class tools to assist us with each component of SEO.

Our Strategy

SEO for Tradesmen

Having been working with tradesmen for as long as we can remember, we have developed search engine optimisation processes that work particularly well for trade businesses.

Having your website ranking highly in Google is imperative to the success of your business and creates a trust a level of trust that simply cannot be gained from PPC ads only.

Increasingly savvy customers will complete all kinds of background and reputation checks prior to enquiring with any trade business online, and rightly so. With so many rogue traders out there, it's vital that these checks are being undertaken which means if you're a legitimate business who cares about their clients, then our SEO service for tradesmen is likely to be for you, as we love helping good, honest tradesmen build their business with high quality leads.

Does SEO work for tradesmen?

It's not just the trades that have rogues, sadly in the SEO industry there are plenty of search engine optimisation companies who are great at selling the idea of ranking well but without substance to back it up. This in itself has become an incredibly difficult problem as SEO is such a complex process, everything has to be done correctly and at the right time - it's not uncommon for an SEO agency who doesn't fully understand the implications of their bad practices, to damage the chances in the future of sustaining top positions.

However, do not despair, there are many legitimate SEO companies out there with a conscience, and more importantly the skill to deliver on what they promise. With this in mind, the answer is a resounding YES, SEO for tradesmen does work, but it's important for us to understand your objectives, who your competitors are and then to spend time analysing who is already ranking in the positions we want you to appear in, with a view of understanding what your competitions' strategy is prior to putting together a plan of our own.

How long does SEO for tradesmen take?

First of all, you've probably heard that PPC, opposed to SEO can generate fast results and to a degree this is right. However, competitors can often be an issue, especially if they're only advertising using PPC. If this is the case then they'll likely be bidding aggressively which can reduce the effectiveness of PPC massively.

Your competitors may have discounted SEO because it takes some upfront faith and whilst it is more sustainable for the longer term, it also takes longer to generate the desired results that in turn create enquiries.

The reality is that there are many variables which effect ranking which differ from project to project which is why SEO companies are so vague in their response to this question. To be clear, we expect ranking improvements from a minimum 3 months and first page results within 6 to 12 months. As you can see, this kind of time scale can be off-putting for tradesmen who are hungry for overnight success.

What trades does SEO work for?

There is no limitation as to which trades work best using SEO. There are degrees of competitiveness which need to be taken into account but our process is to have a clear understanding of the project prior to being formally instructed to start work for you.

Whatever trade you're in, SEO for tradesmen can work very well to not only help generate new business enquiries, but also to establish trust with your prospects. For example, a plumber being listed on page 1 of Google will reassure prospective clients of their legitimacy, especially if they have genuine, positive customer reviews endorsing their services.

We have a very specific SEO process that works for businesses requiring local SEO, this type of SEO is different from the approach we'd take for a company who wish to rank nationwide. Naturally SEO for tradesmen requires enquiries and web site visitors to originate specifically within a local area to the business, this ensures search engine rankings are local and in turn, enquiries being generated from the search engine optimisation project are much higher quality.

Local SEO works very well for tradesmen in all of the trades, from plumbers, electricians and locksmiths to gutter cleaning companies and all other trades. If you're looking for an SEO strategy to really generate new local business then the SEO for tradesmen strategy that we've developed over the years will give you the best chance of beating your direct competitors and reaching your target audience.


Considering SEO for tradesmen as part of your overall marketing strategy can be highly effective in cementing your search engine rankings. However, in isolation, SEO shouldn't be the only part of your marketing strategy. Considering other channels such as Google Ads ManagementFacebook Ads Management and SEO Services in combination will give you the best chance of success.

Outsourcing your SEO to a digital marketing agency who truly know how to put together a plan and deliver will allow you the time to run your business.

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SEO Services For Tradesmen

Free SEO Audit

Claim your free SEO audit – we’ll thoroughly check all aspects of your web site and general SEO health.  Once complete, we’ll be able to discuss any areas of improvement and strategy to improve organic visibility.

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