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SEO Overview

Partner with SEO experts who will take time to understand your business and your objectives. We'll build a winning SEO strategy based on a solid foundation of research to understand which keywords will drive real business enquiries.

We'll design and implement a strategy to improve your website’s visibility and search positions through white-hat-only SEO methods. Our SEO campaigns will turn your website into a trusted, authoritative source for Google and your prospects.

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Free SEO Audit

Want to know how Google rank your web site? We’ll provide a detailed SEO audit that will give you a better understanding of key metrics that contribute to current ranking.

Fair Pricing

Every SEO campaign is different, to make things transparent we’ll calculate how many hours per month you require, based on the complexity of your campaign and translate this to a fixed monthly fee.

Flexible Agreements

From the outset we’ll provide you with realistic expectations of timescales to achieve your goals. Our SEO team will create an SEO strategy and set targets for when your keywords will rank.

Your SEO Team

With a team of SEO experts, we will build a team around your campaign including a lead technical SEO manager, outreach & content marketing manager and a backlink builder – all based in-house!

Monthly SEO Reporting

A vital part of your SEO, we will monitor your campaign and report and changes on a monthly basis. As well as statistical reporting, we also set a monthly meeting to discuss what we’ve achieved, key results and a plan for the following month.

Best-in-Class SEO Software

Over the years, we have developed our preferred SEO software packages which we consider the best in class for each aspect of your SEO campaign. We invest £1000’s each month on world class tools to assist us with each component of SEO.

How to choose an SEO Agency

Choosing an SEO agency can be a minefield, with so many varying opinions and strategies, finding the right match for your business is an increasing difficulty that small and medium sized businesses face. There are a number of must-haves when considering partnering with an agency providing SEO services.

SEO Strategy

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” - it's that simple. SEO strategies can vary depending on the business objectives of the campaign, your marketing manager should take time to understand what you're trying to achieve and if necessary make suggestions on how to maximise the opportunities from a successful seo strategy. Putting in the leg work at the start of a relationship means that everyone is clear which gives the best chance of the SEO agency to deliver favourable results.

Keyword Research

A vital part of any search engine optimisation plan is to ensure a round of detailed keyword research is undertaken, not only at the beginning of a project but during the course of ongoing SEO management. This often overlooked stage of the SEO campaign is part of the foundation of success, and quality time should be allocated, ensuring you know exactly which keywords are worthy of attention.

Key metrics such as search volume, competitiveness and keyword difficulty give an indication as to whether chosen keywords are worth targeting. Through use of leading SEO software, your chosen digital marketing agency should be able to identify keywords with informational, navigational and commercial intent.

Competitor Research

Understanding what SEO strategies your competitors are using is an important consideration, especially if you plan to dislodge said competitors from page one of search engines. There are various techniques that an SEO agency has available to them to get a comprehensive understanding of competitor SEO strategy.

Through use of various SEO software packages, detailed information about where your competitors are obtaining backlinks can be found, as well as getting an indication of any strategies that they may be using. This information is invaluable for an SEO services agency to understand where there are gaps to fill and where they can improve their client's SEO campaigns.

On-site SEO

Often referred to as on site, on page or technical SEO, these interchangeable terms mean ensuring your web site is error free, page elements and content are optimal. Depending on the platform and hosting, there are all kinds of opportunities to ensure your web site is optimised for Google - these range from more technical SEO elements such as reducing page speed load times to more simple structuring content correctly through applying the correct headings and paragraphs.

It's very common to hear web site owners claiming their web site is 'SEO Friendly' but upon a more detailed technical SEO audit, it often transpires that very little effort has been made to ensure elements are correctly structured on the page. This misguided attitude towards on site SEO can lead to fundamental issues with rankings in search results pages which requires an SEO manager to resolve as part of overall SEO services.

Off-site SEO

We've already covered the misconception of thinking SEO is 'done' by simply making adjustments to on site SEO elements. Search engines have complex algorithms to decide where to rank a web site and search engine optimisation is a vast subject that requires a dedicated team of digital marketing managers who have a granular understanding of each aspect. Off site SEO mainly centres around building high quality backlinks using a content marketing strategy as well as comparing competitor link profiles to ensure no gaps exist.

If you're going to outrank your competitors then a solid SEO strategy is going to need to be in place, along with the tech tools to monitor and measure results. Identifying and outreaching for backlinks is all part of a rounded SEO service that your SEO team should be constantly working on which is often a time-consuming part of any SEO campaign.

Content Marketing

An integral part of any SEO strategy, content marketing plays a major role in how well a web site is perceived by search engine algorithms. Low quality content (or no content at all) can be an important aspect that negatively affects search engine rankings.

You've probably heard of the phrase "Content is King" and this is still as relevant today as it has been for many years. Essentially, having unique, high-quality, interesting and relevant content can contribute significantly to the success of SEO campaigns. A common mistake that some web site owners make is generating lots of content that hasn't been well planned, therefore leading to little or no influence in search engines ranking. Having a content team in house is a major advantage to those who outsource content strategy.

As part of the SEO services that we offer, content marketing is considered one of the vital aspects of being able to deliver favourable search rankings.

SEO Pricing

SEO services cost has a bearing on the quality and quantity of work your digital marketing agency will be able to achieve in a given time frame. Usually when paying for SEO, you'll be presented with a monthly cost. SEO pricing can vary between agencies, so obtaining more than one quote is advisable - that said, comparing the service of one agency against another can be problematic in that most agencies will have a varying SEO strategy.

To Summarise

With so many facets of SEO to consider, it's important to choose an SEO services partner who has a proven track record in delivering not just results, but also a firm understanding of each element of SEO.

It's important to understand that SEO is a long term strategy that will only yield results if a comprehensive plan is formed from the outset. SEO agencies that tackle each aspect, from on page SEO, content strategy and off page SEO have the best chance of delivering results.

Lastly, detailed reporting is an absolute must - our reporting comes in the form of an SEO summary of what we have done, the results that we have achieved and what is planned for the following month, all of which is backed up by statistical reporting and monthly reporting through catch-up calls.

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SEO Services

Free SEO Audit

Claim your free SEO audit – we’ll thoroughly check all aspects of your web site and general SEO health.  Once complete, we’ll be able to discuss any areas of improvement and strategy to improve organic visibility.

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