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by Roy Dovaston

What is a Google Ads Voucher Code?

A Google Ads voucher code, also known as a coupon or promo code, is a monetary credit that can be added to an advertiser's account once they meet any necessary criteria. These codes are offered by Google or its partners to encourage new advertisers to start using Google Ads.

If you're searching for a Google Ads voucher then it's likely you're either already advertising or planning to in the near future. The good news is that Google regularly promotes special offers in the form of vouchers that can be applied once you open your Google Ads account.

The current Google Ads Coupon is £400 in ad credit when you spend £400 which we think is particularly generous!

However, there are notable terms and conditions to redeem the promo code in your Google Ads account. The main one is that you must be a new advertiser to Google Ads. Read about all of the terms and conditions.

Google advertises current Google Ads Promotional Codes on the default home page for Google Ads here:

How to apply a Google Ads voucher

The first thing to do is log in to your Google Ads account. If on a desktop, click on Tools and settings which has a spanner symbol at the top right of your screen. This will drop down the main menu where you're looking for Promotions under the Billing heading.

Apply Google Ads Promo Code

On the next screen click on the blue circle button with the white + which will prompt you to enter the promo code you have been supplied by Google.

Add Google Ads Promotional Code

Once the voucher code has been applied, you'll be able to track the status of the code and when you qualify to redeem the voucher. This is all done automatically so when you've spent £400, you'll be credited £400.

Can I apply a Google Ads promo code to an existing Google Ads account?

Generally speaking, a Google Ads promo code is for new advertisers only. It makes sense for Google to incentivise new advertisers to give their advertising platform a try and providing free Google Ads credit is a very good way to bring on new advertisers in a reasonably risk-free way.

The exception to the rule is if the account is less than 14 days old. In this case, vouchers can be applied. Over the years, we've never seen promotional codes that can be applied to aged Google Ads accounts.

Make the most of your Google Ads Promotional Code

Whilst Google Ads promo codes are enticing, it's important to get the most from them. If you've never run Google Ads before then it can be a steep learning curve, one which can end in severe marketing budget loss. The default settings that are presented to you when opening a new Google Ads account are not always optimal for campaign success. If you're certain you want to run your own campaigns then check out our Google Ads Training Resources blog post. If you're limited on time:

  • Choose your keywords carefully & avoid broadmatch initially.

  • Ensure you have a schedule so your ads only run at the times you want to advertise.

  • Set the area you'd like to advertise in to avoid advertising to the whole world!

There are many more tips and tricks you can pick up from our blog, where over the years we have produced expert insights and tips for managing PPC campaigns effectively.

There are lots of useful posts that we've created that are worth reading through to get as many tips for self-managed success as possible in our Digital Marketing Blog.

Where can I get a Google Ads voucher from?

Whilst at this time, getting a Google Ads promo code directly is the best option, this isn't to say that there aren't other places to get a voucher. Google Partners can sometimes provide you with a code, which has been provided by Google to incentivise digital marketing agencies to onboard new advertisers.

Other places you can obtain a Google Ads coupon code are:

  • Site builders such as Squarespace or Wix.

  • Website hosting providers.

  • Domain registrars such as Namecheap, 123reg or GoDaddy

Other regions where you can get a Google Ads Promo Code

Whilst we're predominantly focusing on Google Ads promo codes for the UK, it's not uncommon for Google Ads to provide varying Google Ads promo codes in other regions.

Simply visit your region's Google Ads home page or check with site builders, web host providers, and domain registrars. If it's the first time you're advertising your business then it's likely you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Professionally Managed Google Ads Campaigns

If you are daunted by the complexity and vast amount of options & settings when setting up your first campaign, why not consider partnering with Heavyweight Digital to provide a fully managed campaign setup and ongoing optimisation.

Essentially, you're tapping into years of experience and we'll give you the very best advice and campaign to give you the best possible chance of success to get the best from your Google Ads voucher and ongoing PPC spend.

Whilst there is of course a cost to Google Ads management, we believe this outweighs the potential wastage by running poorly configured campaigns. If you're looking to get the best from your marketing budget, investing in expert Google Ads management from day one will give you a competitive edge and the time back to focus on other areas of your business.

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