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Google Ads Demand Gen

Google Ads Demand Gen

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by Roy Dovaston

Understanding how the Google Ads Demand Gen campaign type being launched September 2023 in BETA can benefit your business, means having a little extra knowledge about Google's Discovery campaign type that was initially launched in 2019.

What is a Google Ads Discovery Campaign?

Initially launched in 2019, Google Discovery campaigns are a type of campaign that leverages the power of machine learning and user behaviour to deliver highly personalised and visually engaging ads to potential customers. These campaigns are designed to appear seamlessly within the user's natural browsing experience, allowing advertisers to connect with their audience when they are most receptive.

Google Discovery campaigns are a great way to find new top-of-funnel prospects and help them become familiar with your brand. Advertisers can find discovery campaigns useful if they don't necessarily have a large marketing budget for a full-blown dedicated display campaign.

However, changes are on the horizon in September 2023 when Google released a BETA version of Demand Gen campaigns which will progress to allowing advertisers using Discovery Ads to upgrade to Demand Gen.

Google is reporting that by November 2023, all Discovery Ads campaigns will automatically be upgraded.

The good news is that Google is reporting that historical data will be retained, as will learnings from your Discovery campaigns. All of this data will be migrated to the new Demand Gen campaigns, allowing you to take advantage of a redesigned user interface.

What is a Google Ads Demand Gen Campaign?

The purpose of this new campaign type is to create demand and deliver business results on Google’s most visual, entertaining surfaces which is designed to promote a more social buying opportunity.

Google Ads Demand Gen allows you to advertise your brand on YouTube Shorts, YouTube in-feed, Discover, and Gmail. Furthermore, you can refine who you advertise to through the selection and customisation of audiences, like Lookalike segments.

PPC strategies available include bidding for clicks, conversions, or conversion value.

You'll be able to create assets in various sizes and mediums including image, text, video, carousel as well as product feeds - which is one of the more powerful features of this new Google Ads campaign type.

Search vs Performance Max vs Demand Gen

To get a better understanding of the differences between these campaign types, use our comparison chart:

Compare Google Ads Search, Performance Max and Demand Gen Campaigns

Before you begin creating Demand Gen campaigns, you will need to put some legwork in, creating assets that meet Google's guidelines and policies. To give yourself the best chance of success, it's advised that the more assets you have, the better. This allows Google's machine learning to deliver ads and understand which combinations work best when delivering to your audience.

You will need unique and enticing headlines, descriptions, images, and logos. The better quality images you use, the better chance your ads will have of being successful.

Google suggests you provide the highest quality videos that have minimal text and optimal lighting. It's also suggested that you can re-use assets from your successful social media campaigns.

Learn more about Demand Gen campaign asset quality and policy requirements

Why switch to Demand Gen campaigns?

This all depends on the campaign type you are switching from. The comparison chart above will help you understand whether it's worth moving from one campaign type to another. If you're planning on upgrading from Discovery to Demand Gen then taking control now and upgrading before Google upgrades you anyway would be worth doing. We'd suggest putting aside some time to make the change and learn more about Upgrade to Demand Gen campaigns.

Some interesting stats that Google reports:

  • Reach up to 3 billion monthly active users as they scroll through their Google feeds (YouTube-YouTube Shorts is now averaging over 50 billion daily views on Gmail and Discover).

  • 1 in 3 consumers say that they have purchased something on Google feeds that they were not originally shopping for.

  • 63% of consumers discover new products or brands on Google feeds, and among those 91% took action immediately.

Difference between Demand Generation & Lead Generation?

Demand Generation vs Lead Generation Funnel

Demand Gen vs Lead Gen

What Next?

If you're not currently using Discovery Ads campaigns then this change isn't going to affect you! However, if you're considering experimenting with Demand Gen or you are upgrading from Discovery then this will take a little more consideration.

These changes can often feel overwhelming and many advertisers have a sense of dread when new campaigns are launched, probably because of the venture into the unknown. If you're in this category or simply do not have enough time to dedicate to your Google Ads management, get in touch with one of our friendly account managers who will advise on how we can help.

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