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LinkedIn Ads - Top 10 Ways To Find Your Target Audience

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by Roy Dovaston

LinkedIn Ads can be a great tool for businesses, however, unlike other ad platforms, LinkedIn brings the advantage of a set-up purely for business networking. LinkedIn Ads was originally set up with B2B advertising in mind, as a way to connect with audience members who are in already in a business mindset, however, it does also work in some B2C markets. 

With 92% of B2B marketers using LinkedIn as part of their digital marketing mix and as the most used social media channel by businesses, LinkedIn can be a great place to target potential customers and generate leads.

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However, reaching the people most relevant to your business can often be challenging, especially with all of the LinkedIn ad formats, ad types, and minefield of targeting options the platform offers.

How to find your target audience on LinkedIn

Luckily LinkedIn Ads Manager offers several targeting options that can help you reach your target audience; using audience attributes and custom audiences. These attributes are based on the LinkedIn profile or contacts of the member.

LinkedIn audience attributes

There are many targeting options you could try using to refine your audience, however, our top 10 options are as follows:

  1. Demographics - target individuals based on their estimated age and inferred gender as stated on their profile information.

  2. Company Properties - target members who: have a connection at a specified company, are followers of a certain page, work or have worked at a specified company, or work within a company of a certain industry or size.

  3. Job Experience - target members based on their job role, seniority, title, skill set or years of experience in their professional career.

  4. Education - target members not only on their school or area of study but also their degree rank. 

  5. Interests - target members who are interested in your service or part of a LinkedIn group that shares relevant interests.

  6. Location - target members based on where they live or by their IP address.

  7. Audience Expansion - target members who share similar attributes to your target audience.

  8. Matched Audiences - target members that know your brand based on website visitors or a CRM list.

  9. Lookalike Audiences - target members similar to those who share similar attributes to those on a CRM email list.

  10. Audience Templates - if you have limited data or don’t know your target audience, find a market segment to target made up of research and data gathered by others.

If you’re still unsure if your ads are reaching the right people then why not speak to one of our team to find out how we can maximise your LinkedIn Ads potential.

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