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Click Fraud Calculator

Click Fraud Calculator

Published on
by Roy Dovaston

There's nothing more frustrating for PPC managers and advertisers than wasted ad spend. Unfortunately click fraud is a very real activity that can cost on average up to 20% of your ad budget (Source: Click Guardian).

Using our click fraud calculator, you can quickly assess how much you could save monthly and annually.

How much could Click Fraud Protection save you?


Your estimated monthly wasted Ad Spend


Over the next 12 months you could waste £000.00

What is click fraud?

Click fraud occurs when people or automated bots click on pay per click ads with the intention of generating fraudulent clicks and impressions, resulting in increased ad costs for the advertiser and reduced return on investment. Click fraud can take many forms, including malicious fake clicks by competitors, clicks carried out automatically by bots or scripts, and clicks by individuals looking to earn money through pay per click advertising programs such as Google AdSense

Is click fraud still a problem in 2024?

(Updated 11th March 2024)

Despite efforts by PPC platforms and advertisers to detect and prevent click fraud, it remains a persistent problem in 2024, which is why utilising a click fraud protection solution is vital to reduce budget wastage. Using a click fraud calculator gives you a quick visualisation of what you could be losing and only takes a matter of seconds to unveil how you could be impacted by this budget-busting activity.

How to calculate click fraud

Using a click fraud calculator is the quickest way to estimate the size of the problem. However, this is only an estimate of the savings that can be made - each advertiser will suffer from the effects of click fraud to different degrees, so trialling a click fraud solution is the only true way to calculate exactly what you can save. Most of the more comprehensive solutions, such as Click Guardian offer a free 7 day trial, so it won't cost you a penny to try and in our experience, the savings massively outweigh the nominal costs of these services anyway.

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