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Microsoft BING Ads Tips

Top 10 Tips For Using Bing Ads

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When you think of digital advertising, most people’s minds automatically go to Google, but did you know that Bing is the second largest search engine worldwide? Bing gets more than 1 billion visits each month, meaning it is a great way for businesses to advertise and reach more potential customers. Discover our top 10 tips for using Bing Ads that will help you optimise your strategy and reach your goals.

1. Target Specific Devices 

iPad and iPhone

Bing allows you to have control over the devices your ads can reach. This is an extremely useful tool to have if your audience are predominantly mobile users for example. 

2. Add A Call To Action 

Much like Google Ads, a call to action is an essential ads feature to have if you want users to easily and quickly engage with your brand and make conversions. It is also important that you make sure your call to action is specific to what you want users to do .e.g. Call now, or get a free quote.

3. Be Specific To What Your Business Offers

This may seem obvious, however, it is something that many businesses do not do. Make sure that your ads clearly showcase what your business offers. You can also list whether your business has any special offers or promotions, to engage users even more. 

4. Use The Language Of Your Target Audience

When creating your ads, be careful with the type of wording you use. For example, if your target audience is the older generation, you wouldn’t want to use slang words they probably wouldn’t understand. When creating your ads, try to get into the mindset of your target audience and what they would want to see on the ad. As well as this, address users directly to create a more personal experience for users.

5. Use Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are a great way to optimise your ads and also make them as big as possible;  they will take up more space on the page and stand out better. There are multiple ad extensions you can use such as location, call & callout. All of these add value to your ad and are worth using. Callout extensions are especially great for adding in extra details that will add value to your business, that you couldn’t fit in the description. 

6. Download Bing Ads Editor

Bing Ads Editor is a tool that you can use to modify your ads in depth and in one place. It also allows you to download multiple accounts and manage them simultaneously. Another great feature about this tool is that you can directly transfer your account data with a Google import, meaning if you already have data in Google Ads, you don’t have to start from scratch in Bing Ads. 

7. Showcase Your Unique Selling Point

There are thousands of businesses that are very similar to one another, however, no two businesses are the same; they each have a unique selling point which makes them stand out. When creating ads, it is important to determine your unique selling point and use this within your ads to drive customers to your business.

8. Utilise Your Demographic Targeting 

The audience demographics breakdown allows you to see information on things such as gender, age, location and device usage. Audience demographics are a great way to understand your audience further and allows you to tailor your ads to a specific audience. This will benefit your business as it will mean that users are more likely to convert. 

9. Choose Your Bid Strategy Wisely 

When it comes to choosing a bid strategy for your ads, you want to select one with your specific business goals in mind, to ensure you are not wasting any of your budget. There are multiple bid strategies you can use, both manual and automatic, including; enhanced CPC, maximise clicks, target CPA and manual CPC. If you are using a manual bid strategy you can then customise your bids at ad level, user location and time of day to utilise your budget efficiently. 

10. Seek Help From A Professional 

If you’re still struggling with your Bing Ads seek the help of experienced professionals who can help reach your target audience.

At Heavyweight Digital, our Microsoft Ads Management service can help you achieve your goals. If you have an existing Bing Ads account, we can provide a detailed free review and identify areas for improvement. 

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