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Hide Who You Follow On Instagram

How To Hide Who You Follow On Instagram

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by Lucy Greenaway

In a world where our privacy is so readily violated online, it is helpful to be able to control some elements of our online status and privacy. Instagram specifically, is quite a hard platform to control many aspects of your privacy and profile. Learning how to hide who you follow on Instagram can offer you an added layer of privacy when you're online.

This post aims to offer some solution for people who use Instagram and are looking to find out how to hide who they follow on Instagram from certain people.

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Is Hiding Who You Follow On Instagram A Good Idea?

Scrolling through Instagram searching for how to hide who you follow on Instagram

Before actually hiding who you follow on Instagram from someone, it is a good idea to do so? Sometimes in doing so it can cause more unnecessary drama than it solves due to the nature of how you would need to hide who you follow on Instagram.

Until Instagram releases an update that allows you to block your followers list or specific Instagram users from viewing your followers list, the options are quite restricted for hiding who you follow on Instagram. However we do have some options for you.

How To Hide Who You Follow On Instagram With A Private Account

If you have private accounts on Instagram, the way to hide who you follow is relatively simple.

If the person or people in question that you wish to prevent from seeing who you follow do not follow you on Instagram and you have a private Instagram account, then they can not view your followers list anyway.

A person who doesn't follow you on Instagram would need to request to follow your account and then be accepted by you in order to see your follower list and your following list as well as your Instagram posts.

How To Hide Who You Follow On Instagram With A Public Account

Unfortunately, if you have a public account there is currently (November, 2022) no way to restrict an Instagram account from viewing who you follow or who followers you. Your followers remains visible to anyone on Instagram or off to see who you follow on Instagram. You will need to set your social media account private.

It does happen where a third party app claims to be able to restrict accounts and block specific users from viewing your Instagram followers without removing followers.

How To Hide Who You Follow On Instagram

So, how do you hide who you follow on Instagram? Well the answer isn't as easy as pressing a button, but see below for a step by step on how to hide who you follow on your Instagram account.

Step 1:

Instagram Page settings

First you will need to click on the 3 horizontal lines on the upper right corner of the Instagram App on your profile page.

Step 2:

Settings of your Instagram account

After clicking on the three horizontal lines, a drop up list will appear. Here you will want to select the 'settings' button.

Step 3:

Instagram and privacy

After clicking on the settings, you will need to select the 'privacy' button.

Step 4:

make your Instagram account private

After clicking on the 'privacy' page, click on the 'private account' button. This will switch your account from public to private.

Step 5:

Instagram for Businesses

Please be aware that if you are attempting to hide who you follow on Instagram as a business account then you will be unable to make your account private, therefore you are unable to hide your followers from other Instagram users.

Step 6:

How to make an Instagram account private

Turn on the 'Private account' button if the person you are trying to prevent from viewing your follower list on your Instagram Profile is not already following you.

Step 7:

How to find who you follow on Instagram

If the user is already following you on Instagram, then you will need to remove that person as a follower in order to restrict the account from viewing your followers.

Here you will want to follow the steps above to get to the settings page.

Then click on the 'accounts you follow' button.

Step 8:

How to see your least interacted with followers on Instagram

This will automatically take you to your following page, from here you will need to click on your followers page.

Step 9:

How to remove followers on Instagram

From here you will be able to select the account/accounts that you wish to remove as a follower/followers on your Instagram.


Ultimately, there is no easy or straightforward way to decide how to hide who you follow on Instagram, so you really need to consider if it is worth the potential ramifications of setting your account to private or removing a follower. You need to consider your digital well being when making these sorts of decisions.

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