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Facebook Are Changing Their Campaign Objectives

Published on
by Olivia Pasfield

Facebook will be condensing their campaign objective options from eleven to six campaign objectives that advertisers can choose from when setting up a campaign in Ads Manager. This major rebrand is part of their plan to push Outcome-Driven Ad Experiences (ODAX).

Facebook is introducing automated ad products to make it easier for new advertisers to build an ads campaign from scratch by simplifying the ad objectives that advertisers are presented with. Although there will be fewer campaign objectives, advertisers will still be able to achieve their desired business outcome.

The new campaign objectives will only need to be used in conjunction with new Ad campaigns, meaning advertisers don’t have to change their existing Ad campaigns. Advertisers will also be able to edit or duplicate your current campaigns until the end of 2022.

Due to Facebook campaign objectives changing soon, it’s important for advertisers to know about this upcoming change and how it will affect them. This article outlines the different campaign objective options within Facebook Ads Manager and how this will affect businesses moving forward.

What campaign objectives were previously available in Ads Manager?

existing Facebook campaign objectives

When creating a Facebook Ad, advertisers need to firstly choose the campaign objective aligned with their marketing goals. For the time being, advertisers can choose from eleven different campaign objective options within Ads Manager:

  • Brand awareness

  • Reach

  • Traffic

  • Engagement

  • App installs

  • Video views

  • Lead generation

  • Messages

  • Conversions

  • Catalogue sales

  • Store traffic

Each campaign objective is grouped under a main goal or desired business outcome; awareness, consideration and conversion. Each of these groups then has specific objective options to choose from. Each campaign objective is used to produce different outcomes such as more traffic to the website, leads and sales.

At the minute, advertisers can still use the campaign objectives they are used to within Ads Manager. Once they have chosen a Facebook campaign objective, they can then create ads to achieve their business goal within Ads Manager.

What are the new campaign objectives in Ads Manager?

Many advertisers will be used to choosing between eleven different campaign objective options grouped as awareness, consideration and conversion. However, advertisers will now have to choose between six campaign objectives.

The new campaign objectives will be:

  • Awareness

  • Traffic

  • Engagement

  • App promotion

  • Sales

Although there are fewer campaign objectives, Facebook has ensured they align with the previous campaign objectives, they have just been condensed down. For example, video views have now been grouped under the awareness campaign objective.

The connection between the old and new campaign objectives are outlined below:

Previous objective name

New objective name

Brand Awareness








App Installs

App Promotion

Video Views


Lead Generation






Catalogue Sales


How will this affect advertisers

Facebook has stated that this change won’t affect the functionality of Ad campaigns or the data that Facebook collects. This change is focused on making it easier to build ad campaigns within Ads Manager.

Overall reporting for Facebook Ads hasn’t changed. Advertisers will still be able to see data reports as normal and navigate their way around them. However, as the campaign objectives have been narrowed down, advertisers may see an increase in uncalculated results in the Ads Manager reporting table. Data within the ad set and ad tabs won’t be affected.

It is also important for advertisers to note that they will have to choose a conversion location for most campaign objectives. From there, advertisers will then choose a conversion event, however not all locations require a conversion event.

What can advertisers do to adapt to this change?

This change will impact advertisers who use conversions, messages and video views campaigns the most. In order to adapt to these new features, advertisers should get themselves acquainted with the new campaign objectives within Ads Manager.

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