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Need a new website? As a UK based web design agency with years of experience we’ll build you a bespoke website, or landing page, with optimised content primed to convert pay monthly £99 per month.

  • Websites Proven To Drive Leads
  • Friendly UK Based In-House Team
  • Completely Custom Designs
  • Highly Experienced In Creating Both Service Based & E‑Commerce Websites
  • SEO Best Practices Used

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    Website Design and Development

    At Heavyweight Digital we’re bespoke web design and development specialists, meaning all of our websites are unique. Our in-house team is highly experienced and will build you a website, or landing page that not only looks great, but that’s also user friendly and built to convert visitors into leads. Our design team includes SEO content writers, which means that we can implement our SEO best practices from the off. Our bespoke websites are always fully responsive and optimised to mobile, tablet and desktop screen sizes.

    We have years of bespoke web design experience across service based industries as well as eCommerce, which means our team really understands the importance behind getting to know your business and its unique offerings. We’ll combine our expertise with your ideas so that we can create you the perfect site that fully reflects your brand. Once you’ve approved your bespoke design our developers will then bring the design into life using front end and back end development processes.

    Landing Pages That Convert

    As a web design company, we offer bespoke web design services other than full website creation. We can also design and develop highly effective landing pages which are perfect for improving the performance of PPC campaigns, such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads. We are very proud of the outstanding reputation our landing pages have and the results they have created for our clients. Our landing pages are built with ease and speed of conversion in mind; whether your goal is product purchases, sign-ups or service enquiries, our landing page designs have a proven track record of increasing the amount of leads generated from the day of launch.



    No one wants to use a slow loading site that’s hard to navigate, which is why our bespoke website designs are designed with both creativity and responsiveness in mind. Our team will use their expertise along with industry insights to create a site that’s got a sleek modern feel and is fully optimised for users on mobile devices, tablets and desktops.



    If your website is not generating much traffic through search engines the first thing you should consider is your search engine optimisation. The functionality of your website can be a big factor in your site’s ranking, which is why our bespoke website designs are created with our in depth knowledge of SEO best practices in mind. With our SEO friendly websites you won’t have to worry about missing out on leads or sales any longer. 



    As a web design company with experienced SEO content writers on board, we are able to write optimised content tailored to your businesses target keywords. This can save you the time and effort of having to write it yourself and take the stress out of wondering if it’s going to result in your page ranking highly.



    As a bespoke web design company, we’ll build your site to enhance your business’ branding. Establishing a clear brand identity involves more than just having a logo, we’ll ensure the colour palettes, fonts, tone of voice and imagery all tie together to create more leads or sales. With our expertise your brand will stand out across all platforms and convey a concise company message.

    Our Previous Web Design Projects

    Take a look at some of the previous projects we’ve worked on at Heavyweight Digital, or give us a call on 01245 206456 to find out more.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost to build a website?

    We pride ourselves in being an affordable bespoke web design company. Each price is unique and based on the kind of site you want, the number of pages and overall creation time.

    How long does it take to build a website?

    Our sites can be built in as little as 3 weeks, however as each of the websites we create are completely unique the exact time frame depends on the complexity of your site.

    Can you host the website?

    We offer high performance VPS hosting which is fully managed and includes weekly backups and uptime monitoring with SSL certificates. Our premium quality hosting is also SEO friendly and contributes to positive website usability.

    Who will write the website content?

    You can choose between writing and providing all the content yourself, or making use of the experienced SEO content writers on our website design team. Our content writers can ensure that the copy on your website is tailored to the keywords you want your website to rank for.

    What if I need help with my website later on?

    Our development team will always ensure that the launch of your website runs smoothly and are always happy to discuss any maintenance or support you may require post-launch.