Google Ads Management

- Get a Winning Google Ads Strategy

- Daily Optimisation, Testing & Measurement

- Fixed Monthly Fees & Flexible Agreements

- Find New Customers & Scale Your Business

- Increase Your Traffic, Leads & Sales

- Best-in-Class Technologies Included

    Partner with Google Ads specialists who will take time to understand you business and your objectives. We'll build a winning strategy, build your campaigns and optimise until we exceed your expectations.

    Whether your objective is to generate more leads or sales, lower cost per acquisition or drive new business, our team of Google Ads specialists can help!

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    Free PPC Review

    Have you got an existing Google Ads account, we’ll provide a detailed free review identifying areas of wastage and improvements – completed in house by an expert PPC manager.

    Fair Pricing

    Using a fixed fee model, we can provide fair monthly pricing.  Monthly fees are determined by existing account performance or through understanding your objectives.

    Flexible Agreements

    We offer various Google Ads management options to work with us starting with month-to-month.  Our aim is to surpass your expectations to ensure we stay partnered for a long term relationship.

    2x PPC Account Managers

    Every PPC account we work on is assigned a 2x expert PPC managers. It’s our aim to be accessible at all times during the business week, effectively providing your own outsource digital marketing department.

    Detailed On-Demand Reporting

    Reporting is vital to measure the success of PPC campaigns. We provide a reporting link that allows our clients to bring up on-demand reports whenever they need them, rather than waiting until the end of month!

    Click Fraud Protection

    We’ve teamed up with the UK’s Number 1 anti click fraud solution for Google Ads and include it FREE within every Google Ads management agreement. Using Click Guardian means more of your budget going towards legitimate clicks.

    Choosing a Google Ads Management Agency

    We understand choosing a Google Ads management agency can be a minefield, with so much choice and differing opinions on how to get the best results from ad spend, it's imperative to partner with an established Google Ads agency with a track record of running multiple accounts.

    As a Google Premier Partner, our Google Ads managers start out by understanding your business and goals. Once this discovery analysis has taken place we look to create Google Ads campaigns that generate the maximum return on ad spend.

    If you already have an existing Google Ads campaign, we offer a free review service. Our PPC managers will analyse every aspect of your Google Ads account from main structure to details such as bid strategy, keyword match type usage, ad creatives, audiece and advanced bid adjustment usage. The results of Google Ads reviews can often tuncover unexpected and surprising revalations, most commonly the lack of conversion data.

    Lack of conversion data has a huge bearing on the measurability and overall campaign performance. This lack of campaign data severly limits the ability of a PPC manager to make decisions that have a positive impact and thus requires immediate attention.

    Tools such as Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics are the foundation of being able to track campaign data effectively, thus allowing us to maximise performance through our tried and tested optimisation process.

    Our Google Ads management service doesn't stop at campaign optimisation, we update our clients regularly, not just through statistical reporting but through face-to-face catchup calls held over Google Meet. Our aim is not only to manage your Google Ads to the point where it's successful, but to stay in touch so you know what we've done and what we have planned to further improve your Google Ads campaign.

    As well as Google ads management, we also offer Facebook Ads management, search engine optimisation, web site and landing page design.

    What does it take to become a Google Premier Partner?

    Being named as a Google Premier Partner means that Heavyweight Digital are in the top 3% of Google Ads marketing agencies in the UK. To attain this coveted status we have to meet stringent performance targets, keeping our clients Google Ads accounts performance consistently higher than Google minimum scores.

    Furthermore, there are also certification requirements that we always strive to exceed. Every one of our Google Ads account managers have certified in various specialisms from search, shopping and display, and everything inbetween!

    Why partner with us for your Google Ads Management?

    Quite simply because we'll get the best results from your budget. Our experienced team are highly trained digital marketing experts who will structure your campaign in a way that will return the best possible results for your ad spend. If you've been using another agency or self managing your own Google Ads then we offer a free detailed Google Ads audit - the feedback you'll receive is detailed and will give you a very good indication of what we will do to help improve campaign performance.

    Outsourcing your PPC might seem daunting, especially for those that self-manage google ads. However, doing what you do best and allowing us to do what we do best means you'll free up valuable time. Your campaigns will be managed to the highest standard and you will be updated along with progress.

    How much does it cost to have someone manage your Google Ads?

    Cost of managing Google Ads campaigns can vary depending on complexity and time requirements. To ensure we charge the right amount for Google ads management, we review your existing campaigns or carry out a discovery call to understand your business and goals. Our charges for Google Ads management work a fixed fee basis.

    Get in touch: 01245 206456

    Implement full conversion tracking as a foundation

    A vital and often overlooked feature which is imperative to the success of any PPC campaign. We identify every goal and ensure it’s tracked as a foundation for future success.

    Campaign optimisation by experienced PPC managers

    A team of 2 experienced PPC managers are assigned to every account to ensure campaigns are optimised wherever possible.  This includes campaign building as well as daily routine optimisation.

    A PPC Managers Job is Never Done!

    We strive for continual improvement and constantly look to improve the campaigns we’re working on.  Utilizing cutting edge technology we use a multitude of tools to assist our PPC managers to look for opportunities to improve ROI.

    Google Ads Management

    Free Google Ads Audit

    Our free Google Ads Audit includes various checks to ensure your Google Ads are performing optimally.  Our detailed audit will focus on areas of improvement, detect where wastage is occurring and provide information about the account structure, settings, conversion tracking, keyword usage, ad texts, bid adjustments and much much more!

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