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Facebook Ads: iOS 14 Apple Update

Apple has now begun rolling out the iOS 14 update which is going to affect the Facebook Ads platform in a number of ways. While these changes are happening gradually, you can expect this to affect your Facebook Ads and how particular metrics are reported. The iOS 14 changes will affect how Facebook receive & […]...
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Google Ads- Incoming Keyword Behaviour Changes

Google have announced that they will begin to phase out the broad match modifier match type in favour of the phrase match expansion. Over the years, Google have made significant improvements and have realised that ‘broad match modifier’ & ‘phrase match’ often provide the same use cases. Businesses can usually reach more of the right […]...
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What Is Bot Traffic

What Are Bots? The internet is a place where billions of people are interacting all of the time. What can be achieved on the internet is limitless: posting images, conducting research, and so on. Especially with the current circumstances, the volume of global web traffic is at an all-time high. How many of these web […]...
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How to Use Google Ads – 5 Tips To Get You Started

Tip #1 – How to open a Google Ads account & claim £75 in free Google Ads credit  Step 1- If you don’t have a Google account you can setup a Google account with this link –> Google Ads Step 2- Next, go to this link to claim your £75 in ads credit. You will […]...